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Benefícios da Tapioca no emagrecimento

Humm.... que tal colocar algo gostoso na sua dieta? Tipo, TAPIOCA?!?  Descubra os benefícios da TAPIOCA no emagrecimento! Quando falamos de emagrecimento a maioria das pessoas pensam em dietas restritas, sem graça e sem sabor, mas na verdade não é assim que funciona. Para emagrecer é necessário saber que não precisa e nem deve-se passar fome, pelo...


The world's easiest brazilian cheese bread!

No kidding, this traditional Brazilian recipe is a big success!Try to do it yourself, easy and you'll love it!  ⠀ ⠀ Sour Starch and table cream available at .  ⠀ ⠀ Ingredients:⠀ 1 Can of table cream 1 Cup of Sour Starch 1 Cup of Mozzarella Cheese 1/2 Cup of Parmesan Cheese 1 Pinch of salt 1 Spoon of milk⠀ ⠀ How to do: Knead dough...


O pão de queijo mais fácil do mundo!

Brincadeiras à parte, mas essa receita tipicamente brasileira é o maior sucesso!⠀ Experimente fazer você mesmo. Não tem erro e você vai amar! ⠀ Polvilho azedo e creme de leite disponível para venda na . ⠀ ⠀ Ingredientes:⠀ 1 Lata de Creme de Leite⠀ 1 Xícara de Polvilho de Azedo⠀ 1 Xícara de Queijo Mussarela⠀ 1/2 Xícara de Queijo...


Volta às Aulas

COMPLEMENTE A LANCHEIRA DO SEU FILHO! Todo mundo sabe que as crianças precisam de uma alimentação balanceada por isso a gente te ajuda a  complementar a lancheira do seu filho com itens super práticos que você pode variar todos os dias. Veja os exemplos:  - snacks - bananinha - água de coco - suco de frutas - biscoitos - wafer - achocolatado líquido -...


Tapioca's Dice

Have you heard about Tapioca's Dice?   It is an ideal finger food or happy hour in special moments with your family. Besides it’s very easy to do!   Let's go?   Ingredients: - 250 grams of granulated tapioca - 300 grams of curd cheese - 1/2 liter of very hot milk - 8 grams of salt - 1 pinch of white pepper - Frying oil How to make: Mix the...


Homemade Chandelle

What to do when you love something and don't find it in the United States? The way is to do it yourself! Here's the recipe for our homemade chandelle. It's super easy to do. Come on! Ingredients: - 2 cans of table cream - 1 can of condensed milk - 2 dark chocolate bars Note: the table cream must be cold and you must drain it...


Welcome to the new Everyday Brazil!

We do more for you! Everyday Brazil has a new look, with more dynamic and cutting edge tools, designed to make your life easier and bring more savings in your purchases. After many challenges and achievements, Everyday Brazil is changing from being a simple e-commerce, to becoming a marketplace platform, see what we have prepared for you:...


A different bread/cake is always good!

This recipe is easy and rocks for the most refined palates:) BEER CAKE So, let's go? Ingredients: - 3 cups of wheat flour - 1 tablespoon of baking powder - 1 teaspoon of salt - 330 ml of beer (one can), can be alcohol-free if you prefer - 1/4 cup honey - 8 teaspoons of cold...


Brazilian Cake - Coconut and Tapioca !!

We cooked a recipe here that has everything to do with us, a coconut and tapioca cake !! Print the recipe below and see the step by step here on our you tube channel; ) Ingredients: - 2 eggs - 1 cup brown sugar - 1/2 cup coconut milk - 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (can be butter) - 1 cup of wheat flour - 1 cup of tapioca...


Damiris Dantas, player of the National Brazilian Basketball Team tells us about her diet in the USA

Damiris Dantas,  started in basketball in 2005 and today is the representative of Brazil in the WNBA. An experienced player, having played for the Brazilian team and two Olympics, she has defended the colors of the Minnesota Linx since 2014, having a brief stint at the Atlanta Dreams. She is currently playing the 2019-2020 WNBA season in the state...

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