Damiris Dantas, player of the National Brazilian Basketball Team tells us about her diet in the USA


Damiris Dantas, started in basketball in 2005 and today is the representative of Brazil in the WNBA. An experienced player, having played for the Brazilian team and two Olympics, she has defended the colors of the Minnesota Linx since 2014, having a brief stint at the Atlanta Dreams. She is currently playing the 2019-2020 WNBA season in the state of Florida, where the pandemic games are being held.

An athlete's food is super balanced, but there is a difference between the athlete's food in the USA and Brazil. Damiris told us that she always had the help of a nutritionist, who prepares her menu according to the country where she plays. Ah, Damiris also played European basketball in Spain.

According to her, the United States was the easiest place to adapt her food, since both in Minneapolis and in Atlanta, where she played, there are Brazilian markets and restaurants. She misses the beans with rice and farofa, and also the Brazilian seasoning. She told us that she had to learn how to cook, but it is not the same thing as house seasoning. Some dishes like chicken with potatoes, which is eaten a lot at her house and stroganoff make your mouth water just to remember.

 Due to his diet as an athlete, Damiris ends up eating few treats, but he does not forget the Brazilian snacks, paçoca, and white chocolate. It misses you a lot. Ah, she told us she doesn't live without Nescau, she takes every night before sleeping since she was a child, and that she is very happy to have found this product on Everyday Brazil. Our athlete says that regardless of the diet she is doing, milk with Nescau cannot be missing.

 Damiris risks making a bean with rice, stroganoff, steaks and when her boyfriend visits, she ends up cooking more. In the kitchen she does not give up Sazon, garlic, olive oil and spices. Due to the pandemic, she cannot get out of the “bubble” in Florida, where the WNBA girls are isolated playing this season. As she can no longer go to the market she says that finding Everyday Brazil made her life a lot easier, and that she will certainly place more orders when she returns to Minnessota.

 What can we say about all this? We are very proud to be able to bring a little bit of Brazil and childhood memories to our only representative at the WNBA.

 Way to go Damiris!  


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